Strategi Perlawanan Penambang Timah Rakyat: Kasus Kecamatan Belinyu

Fitri Harahap


Abstract :Small scale mining has given positive contribution to Bangka Belitung Province economy and its people, particularly in Belinyu Sub-district. Because of concern of its negative impact local government  regulates the small scale mining. The government oblides smallscale mining to obtain a permit from the government. However,  the effort made by governmentdoes not reduce significantly  illegal smallscale tin
miners in Bangka Belitung. The aim of this research is to describe theresistance strategies of small scale miners in facing local government and police officers inspections in Belinyu Subdistrict, Bangka District, Bangka Belitung Province.
Qualitative research method was used to answer research questios.The theory of Structuration proposed by Anthony Giddens was used in the research, therefore the analysis is from the integrated perspective of  micro and macro. Micro perspective states how agent, e.i. Small scale miner, is seen as skillful
and knowledgeable subject in choosing resistance strategies. Meanwhile, macro perspective states how Small scale miners make use of the structure e.i. resources such as network and social organization in their social system. The research finding shows  that smallscale tin miners rationally choose illegal tin mining despite of the existence of local goverent regulation obligating them to obtain a permit. This is because in their
perspective obeying the government mining regulation reduces their profit.  To maintain their mining activities they employ several strategies; first by using organizations, second by monitoring local government and police officer inspection, third by avoiding the inspection, and last by concentrating the tin mining activities in one mining region.

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