Ekonomi Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit Dan Perubahan Tatanan Sosial Masyarakat Perdesaaan

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The development of small holder’s oil palm plantations rapidly since the last two and half decades have brought to extensive impact to social change in rural communities in the West Pasaman, mastery pattern changes that result inchanges in an increasingly complex social stratification and changes in form and function of social institutions and life styles. This research was conducted in Nagari Kinali, West Pasaman using the qualitative approach, data collection through observation, interview and documentation study. The focus is the impact of small holder’s oil palm to changes in social stratification, social of rich peasants, small farmers and agricultural laborers. In a social institution wide spread changes in family to the nuclear family, work patterns that are of mutual aid institutions and attitudes of rural socio economic  conditions. The results showed that the presence of small holder’s oil palm resulted in change of stratification of the people who increasingly prominent and complex patterns of land tenure based on the emergence to the use off arm workers, kinship-based socialization is replaced by formal education and no longer existense of surau as an educational institution boys.

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