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The main focus of this research was to study and investigate the active involvement of women in trade market especially cassiavera which dominated by men and whereas matrilinealism put women as queenly sovereignty (bundo kanduang) in social life of Minangkabau. How did its interrelatedness with occurrence of entrepreneurship soul of Minangkabau society.

Methodology used in this research was qualitative approach through hermeneutic interpretative method, sociological historic and also biography.

The results of the research showed that the existence of women in trade market especially in cassiavera proved that there was a displacement in main principle of socio economy of the society. This displacement made the mothers in nagari’s market tried to involve in public sector which dominated by men so far. They had to act as economic saver of the family, even though in a sector which is strange for them. Besides that, the socio cultural factor also had important role in making the women involve in the trade market of cassiavera and this condition approved and become strengthen for the merchants who came from the ethnic of Bodi Caniago.

The involvement of female merchants indirectly caused a transfer of knowledge and transfer of value in the main family and the whole family. It means the relationship of female merchants with the kinship system and moral economy held, beside the desire to survive from the stress of local supra economic had inspired the soul of entrepreneurship in the family.

The involvement of women in trade market basically started from one man enterprise, then keep develop toward family enterprise. This point would decide the development of the small scale enterprise. And this point later on become the starting point of the born of family enterprise and become local entrepreneur group.

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