Perubahan Sosial Masyarakat Melayu Kepulauan Riau Terhadap Keseniannya

Anastasia Wiwik


Every society must changing, likewise society Riau islands. A discussion of social change in the Riau Islands begins by observing that changes happen since when tracing the cause of change of society and include the arts. Penetration of the government (state) in Riau Islands through a variety of policies such as economic, political and social changes led to the culture of the society that ultimately form one regenerates the arts i.e. Joget Dangkung in attendance return in accordance with the demands of the community at large and the government (state).Economic and political policies of the government (state) that carry an impact on changes to the community can be divided into several periods: the period from 1963 to the late 1980s, after the 1980s and after 1998. While government policy (country)-related culture especially in the Riau Islands is policy in 1999 when the community as a performer and owner of art both in individual and together have a responsibility towards the development of the arts of his country.

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