Pengalaman Bencana Alam Dan Sistem Tindakan Masyarakat : Persepsi Dan Pola Respon

Yul Kardi


The article discusses about community action system in facing disaster potentials in their surroundings. Perception and responses appeared are in accordance with knowledge system embraced by the community. Basically, every community posseses physiological and causalative understanding on objective relationship of the elements of nature.  It is said that if all elements of nature are kept on course the nature will work functionally. On the other hand the harmony will be destroyed if these elements are disturbed and in turn it will lead to natural disaster occurance. People realize that human being can play their active and explorative role within the series of those elements relationship. However, above all those physiological relationships, people believe in the existance of fatalistic and existencialistic primeraly control from transcendential power . Fatalistic perspective is strenghtened more in line with the existance of susceptiblility in economical and social network possessed by the informan who explained why the response appeared in facing the natural disasters are very temporary and responsive. In the case of this research, there is no informan who plans the permanent and sustainable mitigation scheme.

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