Penataan Pedagang Kaki Lima (PKL) Berbasis Kepentingan Pedagang, Ketertiban dan Keindahan Kota

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Street vendours (Pedagang Kaki Lima, PKL)  are one of the types of informal sector  flourishing a long side of the development of   super markets, malls and modern market in the cities of West Sumatra. They are from poor people marginalised by the economic development. The ways in which the city government treat them are inhuman as their interest is ignored and they are forced to leave for the reason that they disturb public interest, traffic and city eistethic. Compromising the economic  interest of PKL and public interest as well as city eistethic is important to consider by both street vendours and the city governments to manage conflict between them. The study aims at answering the questions of how to regulate street vendours in order to accomodate their economic interest and the interest of city governments to creat public order and city eistethic? Specifically, the study goals are: a) formulating a model of regulating street vendour on the basis of their economic interest, public order and city eistethic, b) constructing a guide of the implementation of street vendour regulation, c) testing the model of regulating stree vendour base upon the interest of street vendour, public order and city eistethic.

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