Dampak Migrasi Pekerja ke Malaysia Terhadap Perubahan dan Modernisasi Daerah Asal

Anggraini Primawati


Migration can be seen as one of the family survival strategies especially for the purpose of family needs (Mantra, 1995); Hugo, 1993). However, remitance as stated by Arnold (1992;209) could be utilized for other needs. Generally, It is used for concuption, building and renovating houses, agriculture production, education, business and investment.

Remitance is also seems as the shape of bounding and entangelement ot the migrant workers with the palce of origin. Remitance is important indicator in social and economic improvement of the community. Besides economic improvement, remitance has impact on the changing orientation, more materialistic, and lifestyle in relation to the place of origin.

Teh case of migrant workers to Malaysia from Kecamatan Purwodadi, utilization of remitance is more on the productive side compare to concumtive side. Data shows that the highest utilization of remitance is on the agriculture production, saving housing renovation and consumption. Analysis shows that remitance is more utilized for productive orientation compare to consumptive one. Nevertheless, remitance has also negative impact on education and family disharmony especially for the wifes who go to Malaysia.

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